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This initiative is endorsed by the Vanderbilt Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.



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Today, we are happy to extend an invitation for you to join MyColony. Transnetyx and Vanderbilt are excited to partner together to ensure reproducible research. 

For your participation you will receive:

Getting Started

  • Transnetyx Automated Genotyping

  • Step 1: Automated Genotyping

  • Trasnsnetyx Colony

  • Step 2: Colony


Fast, Easy, Accurate

Eliminate human error and accelerate your research by outsourcing genotyping. Transnetyx delivers 99.97% accuracy with online results in 24 to 72 hours. Follow the link above for the first step to get started in MyColony, which is to register for Transnetyx Automated Genotyping. 


Step 1: Register for your Genotyping Account

  • To get started, please fill out this intake form

  • Once you complete the intake form, please register here

  • Upon registration, please enter the name of your PI under "Lab Name"

Accurate and efficient colony management

Create greater efficiencies by accessing, updating, and sharing your data in real time wherever and whenever. With streamlined communication and convenient task management, Transnetyx Colony software promotes efficient practices and reduces the number of non-scientifically useful animals. Follow the above link for the second step of MyColony.


Step 2: Get Started in Colony

  • All labs must complete genotyping assay development and validation before starting Colony training

  • Do not operate in the Sandbox. The Sandbox is for learning purposes only.

  • In Colony, start by entering a VUMC/VU PI Name as the Group Name. This will allow the PI to see all records while also allowing the personnel associated with the PI (e.g. staff, Co-PIs, Postdocs, sturents) to enter and track populations separately. 

  • To access Colony and get started, please access our Support Hub here

  • Labs will receive personalized training from the Colony by Transnetyx team, prioritized by order of census size


I realized I have been setting up the crosses a lot faster, because I got the genotyping results a lot faster. Everything was in the system, so I knew exactly which mice to pull and which to cull. The Colony system made it very easy and it just became second nature. When you multiply this by strain, it adds up very quickly.

We, meaning the entire med school research community, have run out of space to house animals. With lots of research dollars coming in to continue our work but with no space to expand, we needed a better way to manage our colony. Your software and the integration with the genotyping service was the answer.

MyColony Newsletter

If you missed the previous newsletters, follow the links below to learn more!

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Fast, easy, and accurate Automated Genotyping.

Our Automated Genotyping service:

  • Eliminates human error.
  • Saves you time
  • Accelerates your research.

Streamlined Software
for a Simplified
Colony Management.

Poor visibility in your colony can lead to unnecessary cages, non-productive breeders, and slower research. As part of the MyColony, you have access to our FREE Colony management software designed to let you access, update, and share breeding and Colony data in real time. 

Artificial Mouse Intelligence

More science in every cage.

Manage your colony more efficiently with less effort. Based on your research goals and resources, AMI will:

  • Guide you to a more efficient cage footprint
  • Reduce the number of animals housed over the course of your project
  • Optimize your production of viable experimental subjects

You will have access to a free AMI trial for a year. After the free trial, AMI will cost four cents per cage per day. 

MyColony User Group

The Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP) Leadership and Transnetyx recognize the significant value of including the perspective of research faculty and staff as part of implementing and maintaining MyColony, an initiative launched in 2023 consisting of automated genotyping services and mouse colony (experimental and breeding) management software. Use of MyColony (automated genotyping and mouse colony management software) has been shown to reduce genotyping errors/cost, improve breeding colony productivity, and utilize limited housing space more efficiently. These outcomes are essential to improving the rigor and reproducibility of Vanderbilt research studies using mouse models and allow for more responsible use of animals and resources.

The MyColony User Group has been established to create open forums for discussion between ACUP Leadership, Transnetyx representatives, and the Vanderbilt research community. 


    • Advise ACUP and Transnetyx representatives on process/software improvements, as well as future use/integration designed to enhance Vanderbilt research resources

    • Identify and prioritize action items that will maximize the value and support adoption of MyColony services and software by Vanderbilt faculty/staff

    •  Assist with development of resources/activities aimed at facilitating adoption of MyColony services and software

    • Serve as a resource on the specific features of MyColony of highest value to other Vanderbilt research faculty/staff
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